This story is about a guy Johnny wearing a “Hardcore Mask”, and a girl who wants to help Johnny

Well Johnny is a 23 year old male living in a small town, in Scotland, he’s plumber, like every other person he went through tough times in his life like every normal person did, life in his eyes is perfect, he’s got a good job, nice friends and just enjoying this small town lifestyle, he’s been taught, by a family member “Johnny life don’t owe you anything”, so automatically he take that serious, and he’s working hard, if he want to achieve something he should work hard for it, and so he does, he’s a really hard working guy, and always finishes he’s work before he go home

He’s also very sporty he plays for a local rugby team, but that’s more a social thing than serious, but the one thing he miss in his life is a girlfriend, Johnny are such a gentleman, but the local girls don’t seem to know he’s a gentleman, they think he’s some sort of ‘ass’, but he don’t seem to show his gentleman, soft side, Johnny’s hides his emotional human being behind this ugly hard-core mask, but he don’t seem like that type of person who wants to take it off because he’s scared he will get hurt again

One day Johnny met Sarah a nice girl, they share the same type of personality, she also hides her soft loving and caring personality behind and ugly mask, she’s pretty every guy wants to sleep with her, but she is good enough to say no

They begin to chat via technology, they open up to each other, the problems they have in life situations, tough times they’ve been through, she lost her mother he also lost his mother, which they loved dearly, she’s been a lot of breakups, he don’t talk to he’s mothers family, she have contact with some of her mother’s family members, Johnny and Sarah have been hurted a lot in their life, they main part is in some of their situations they can relay to one another

The day Johnny and Sarah met, she saw his soul via his mystery hurtful eyes. Time past, until one day she told him when they didn’t know each other well, she told him “Johnny that day I saw your soul, I saw a nice guy, a guy who cares, cares for other, your a loving person, who’s been t tough situations, but the main thing is she saw a gentleman people don’t see, Sarah felt it was her duty to find out more about Johnny, get to know him more, help him and just be there for him”.

Times past, she realised he really want a girl in his life, whom can make him the luckiest guy on earth, a girl whom he wants to share his love he keeps inside of him, he wants to give her the world, he wants to spoil her make her happy and cuddle all night long, he wants that type of girl who he can care for, give her love, and share things together and support her, even though deep inside he wants to be loved, by a girl, a girl whom cared for him, doing things together, appreciate him for who he is, be there for him when he needs to talk to someone, but one thing is for sure “He wants to be loved”. Sarah realised this is a guy who have a heart of gold, a scarce gentleman you don’t seem to find now a days, any girls dream guy

Sarah told him to take off his mask he’s been wearing for quite a long time, because this type of mask is hard-core, the mask consists being stubborn and being full of shit, maybe it’s because the hurt hes been through his life so he tries to show it via being stubborn, and hiding he’s emotional gentleman side, because the hurt have been caused a wall of being mean, rude and a distant personality. Sarah told him to take off his mask and break down those walls that he’s been building up ever since, the mask he wears is not the type of person he is it’s the opposite, and only Johnny can break down those walls no one else. 

Every time Johnny tells Sarah “I want a girlfriend” she remind him to stop being so stubborn and hiding his gentleman side (The mask), he reply’s with,” but every girl thinks I am a skank”, and she told him every time, “If you don’t take off that mask girls can’t see the beautiful person you are.” Even though she feels sorry for him, because she’s always there for him and try to help him, but he shuts her out. Sarah don’t want to change Johnny but she wants him to find love, and take off the mask he’s been wearing, because sometimes people can get very hurt because of the mask he’s been wearing

Sarah got quite attached to Johnny, the only thing Sarah wants for Johnny is the best, because she is more messed up than him even though he’s wearing a mask, and now she only wants to help him to be the person she will never be…