8/10 People straighten their hair. Sometimes I wonder why people straight their hair

Okay, the question still remains why do people straighten their hair, even though it damages your hair a lot, the warmth of the straightner even dries your hair out and burns it. You hair are not used to the warmth of the straightner. If you know its unhealthy for you hair why do you still doing it???

Straightening is like smoking, its addictive, and you know it damages your body but you still do it…

Over the years I’ve noticed, you can quickly see people who straight their hair, it shines, and also it looks unnatural, because no one in this world have perfect straight hair, like a person who straightens their hair

A person who straights their hair, (I don’t have something against them) but I always want to ask them, “Do you have a appearance problem?” So why do you do it…If God didn’t want you to have straight hair, why do you go out of your way to do anything to get it straights??

My cousin have curly hair, and she actually paid R1200 to get it straight, I mean seriously its a waste of money (I would buy clothes with that amount of money), and its not permanent it grows out, when it grows out damn then it looks quite ugly haha straight hair, with this curly roots

My mother always says to me “Guys want girls who looks natural”, and I feel the same way Stop straightening your hair man, it looks fake and ugly, imagine you have this huge hair and this thin fake straight hair hanging down your face, then you look like that ghost in The Ring

Iam glad I have Straight Straight hair, because then I know girls wish they had my hair, someone of them will even get jealous

Also if you are straighten you hair for too long everyday, at the end it will eventually fall out then your bold. If you really want straight hair, go to buy a WIG, it looks natural, and your hair won’t get damage or even fall out…

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