Why does there always have to be a consequences when you fall in love???

Its like a game, where there’s always a winner and a loser, someone will die and the other will survive, or someone will be injured and the other one is dead

Being in love, and getting hurt or being rejected it that the type of “Happy ever After” story we created for ourselves. Falling in love and getting hurt, that’s definitely not part of the whole package !!!

I guess everything in life comes with a prize after all, with being unknown what the results may be

Frustration + Being in love, is a bad ass combination, being in love and it fucking frustrates you, when you don’t know what your results at the end of “knowing each other” is going to be

Iam one of those girls, when iam inlove I want to know what is the racing thoughts of that person, I want to know what’s going on in your head, I want to read your thoughts, if I can’t do that, and your like a dead concrete wall, it makes me mad, then I just tend to give up

It sucks being in love, and knowing this is a 50/100 chance of hurting or being happy

And then it turned out, oh well it won’t be a successful game after all, that’s where Plan B should step in, almost like being in love, there must be a Plan B – Other person, so if you loose the guy your in love with (Plan A), then you have the other guy (Plan B), so you won’t get unless, your that player type of person

I saw this quote “To get over a guy, is to get under a guy”, once you tried that Quote, what happens when you also fall in love with that guy??? Then your totally fucked

Damn woman are so sensitive species, it sometimes count against me especially since iam inlove, and along the ride iam getting hurt, now that suck and nowadays, you don’t get a medicine for that

Sometimes I just wish, being in love didn’t exist, because its such a confusing matter, its just so confusing, and it can end up ruining your life, maybe I should consider, to never marry, getting kids, dating, just be single and exploring the world without worries

Time to probably get over it and try that quote (Laugh out Loud;)

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