Put on a song, or listening to one on the radio, listen carefully to the words, try to decode it after it finishes, think about the lyrics and you will realise what this topic is all about
Modern ‘Pop’ music, the lyrics is all about Sex
For example Rihanna is one of those female artist, all her lyrics, is all about sex, and it makes me sick, she sing lyrics like ‘I love when you touch me there, sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it, you should be giving it good”. I guess sex sells a lot
The worst part is, the young youth who’s listening to such music, girls about 11 listen to her music, that’s all about sex. She is not only artist who sings about sex, but she’s the main factor. That’s probably why she’s such a big sex symbol. Artist who sings about such topics, why can’t the sing about something else, maybe all the beautiful parts of life, but why sing about sex, they’re probably scared if the sing about other topics they won’t be able to hit the charts, for me it’s quite sad
That’s why old school rock lives on, and their lyrics, because they singed about love, heartbreaks and tough situations in life, for example Avenged Sevenfold – Seize the day, it’s about bad choices that have been made, and his love was taking away from them or Dear God – the band goes on tours and they ask God to keep their love ones safe
Such lyrics are meaningful, People give love a bad, name and all the Beatles wanted to do is to hold your hand. That’s why the Beatles are so famous and they live on, they singed for love, they made the meaning of love special. That’s probably why I love old school rock so much, their lyrics made sense, it was logic, and have meaning.
I would rather, raise a child with metal, old school rock than raise them with modern music, that’s all about sense. It’s just all messed up and rubbish. Also next topic, modern music the lyrics also, go about heartbreaks and feels like they are signing it to their ex, or someone they love. No one cares about your heartbreak, everyone goes through it sometime in their life, and don’t sing it to one person sing it to a lot of people not one specific one, sing about how awesome your fans is, how great life is etc. There are a variety topics to sing about, spread the topics, and not one topic which 1000 artists sing, all those artists have one music topic in common which they all sing about and its ‘HEARTBREAK”.
Even statistics have shown the music that makes they charts each year, have shown they lyrics is getting more and more depressed each year. No wonder 8/10 people (roughly) suffer from depression. They should expand the music lyrics topics more, and not sing about sex. That causes those girls/boys about 10 year old lost their virginity’s so early, because the lyrics of music influence them a lot. Lyrics is influential
I think the record companies should start to keep music lyrics in their mind, because the young youth is getting influenced, and can through their life away very early

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