30 June 2012, my friend (Marista) and I made a roadtrip, it was quick decision, we wanted to celebrate “half new year”, in another town so we decided on Swellendam, we pack the car, a litre brandy and crème soda bottle, enough cigarettes and we hit the road 6 o’clock the evening, we were actually speeding fast, we rode 4 times from the road, I was in total shock the whole 2 and a half hours NEVER AGAIN in my life. We came in Swellendam it was crazy, and the best part is, we were getting dressed in a petrol station’s bathroom, getting sexy, putting on heels, make up’ing the lots.
We went to this one bar dranked shots, and a lot of brandy and coke, it was a awkward party, but Marista and I talked a lot in that bar “Stepout”, until things got out of hand. So we decided F this place and their people, where going to Caledon, with a few drinks up in our ass. (I didn’t regret going to Caledon 12 o’clock the night), we partied there with one of Marista friends.
As approach the bar to buy myself a drink, I saw this guy, I went up to him and ask him “are you Johan Blom?”. He replied yes, so eventually he recognised me. After 5 years we reunited, the best part is, he fucking hot, my mouth hanged open a few minutes. It was crazy. So Marista and I went to their home about 3 o’clock (with a lot of guys) we were drinking and talk a lot of stuff, it was relaxing, sitting outside in front of a fire, watching the sky transform from light blue, till sunrise. It was a perfect relaxing drinking night.
We were so drunk, at this point I looked at my watch it was 11 o’clock the morning, we just carried on until it got 2 o’clock and we decided it’s time to get back to Oudtshoorn. We were just driving out of Caledon, and boom there the petrol light went on “Empty”. 100 Km we had to go to get to Swellendam, if we saw a downhill, we free the car, just to get to Swellendam and through in petrol.
We didn’t have money, so we got to the petrol station, Marista and I passed out there for 2 hours until her mother transfer money into her bank account. Even though I was mourning from the night before.
We finally arrived in Oudtshoorn 7 o’clock, the scouting awaits us at her home, we were in a lot of trouble, because we drove 300 km to go drinking, and why went to Caledon. It was awkward I was never so scared in my life I felt so bad, because it’s mostly my plan to go to Swellendam, and we ended up in Caledon. We were still drunk when we got to her home, but it was worth the shouting.
It was one crazy Saturday night we will never forget it was C-R-A-Z-Y, and we already made plans for our next two roadtrips…

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