This topic “Animal Selling” is one of those statements that really makes me sad. Personally I think its very wrong because…

My argument is as follow, to buy and sell animals is wrong very wrong, animals is just like humans, they also have emotions and souls
I think animals, would feel offend to be putting up for sale, they love their boss, and vise versa, but then someone purchase them, and treat them very badly, obviously a animal would feel scared and sad, and feel pain for losing their loving boss and their environment
Some people, would not agree with me, but then I think they are soulless, I would never in a million years even considering putting a animal up for sale, but I would put objects for sale
Think about this argument, people in the west, they sell people, for slaves, that’s not objects, its well a object with a soul, its called human slaving
Same with animals, its probably called animal slaving. Old people have animals, maybe one of those situations they can’t get children, then they have animals, animals that’s their children, even though animals can’t talk, they also talk to a person in a way, each individual with a pet, have individual communication with one another
If someone treats a animal bad (mental soulless people), go to the person, and ask if you can adopt the animal, animals don’t deserve being treated bad
Still I think animals and humans don’t differ, they are absolutely the same, expect for one can talk and the other can’t
If evolution did exist, Apes developed into Humans over time, which makes Apes and Humans, on the same level, if you think clearly about it
Then again parrots can speak if you educate them, there must be a explanation for that statement, its a topic to think very open minded and clearly about, which means there is a connection
If animals can be put up for a sale, without the animals permission, so can people also be up for sale! Animals is just like humans, it cancels each other out on some levels
Animals don’t cause harm for any human, so why put them up for sale if they are not a threat??? Maybe the question is, making money, money makes the world go around, if you think about farmers, all they want to do is make money, what would’ve happened if animals sold people, would people still think its right to be purchased by animals??? NO
I think to put animals up for sale is just a soulless money making dilemma, and a wrong choice to make…