Months have passed since Johnny and Sarah started talking to each other. But minutes have passed so quickly when they talked, that Sarah couldn’t wait to talk to him the next day it was almost like a type of friendship addiction to her talking to him. They talked about life, love, comforting one another; it started to become a daily routine for them to talk no matter how busy Johnny and Sarah was.

Friendship was starting to grow, grow strongly. But the day had come when Sarah had this heavy baggage on her shoulder, that haunted her for quite a while. Even though she had to scrape some courage to talk to Johnny about it. It was hard for Sarah to even start the topic, because she could either expect a good or bad reaction. She said to herself, “I can do this, it’s haunting me for quite some time, and need to get it over and done with, she thought ”I need to get this baggage of my shoulder, I can do this”.

That Tuesday evening she told Johnny, I like you for some quite time, when she saw he readied the message, it felt her heart is about to jump out of her throat, whishing not to get her heart broken, her feelings grew for some time, and she needed to get it out. He responded ‘I like you too”, Sarah felt butterflies in her stomach. A few weeks have passed, Sarah got scared about this situation with the idea ‘Feelings”. She told Johnny “it will never work out between us”. Sarah was a bit to realistic since they confessed their feelings to one another. She thought this friendship should end, because it just won’t work, she wanted to protect her heart from heartbreak, but less did she know, from that point on, things between Johnny and Sarah would have a hurtful ending. Sarah changed her mobile number, because of the incident. Sarah started missing Johnny her heart started longing, for that addiction she had for him. Sarah couldn’t live in that galaxy silence.
Without clearness thoughts Sarah send Johnny a message “I miss you quite a lot” they reconcile. After talking for a few days, Johnny asked Sarah quite broken hearted “did you really think it won’t work?” Sarah replied, “No, it will work out between them”. It became a daily course for Johnny to ask Sarah “Did you really think it won’t work?” each time she replied “It will work”.

But still there, was still that broken hearted feelings Johnny had, in their connection. Sarah regretted saying it won’t work for minutes that have passed, and minutes yet to come. Sarah started to realise the damage have been done. Her doubts she had, left a missing piece in their reconciliation. There was a feeling of being scared to get hurt again between Johnny and Sarah.
Since the reconciliation, Johnny became very cold and distant towards Sarah. Sarah’s feelings for Johnny started to grew stronger each hour, less could she do about it the damage have been done. After some days, Johnny, even though he got distant his word towards her grew each time less and less. Even though it killed her, she couldn’t do anything to change it. For some time, Johnny started to talk to Sarah in circles, each time she had to drag the meaning out of Johnny, Johnny was a shy guy, and still he is scared to take off his mask. She knew what the circles are indicating, but she drag the meaning out of Johnny, he need to learn to stop talking to Sarah in circles and just be straight forward. She was successful to drag it out of him, it came down, he thinks she perfect relationship material, and she don’t know the attitude he have as a boyfriends, and Johnny had the feeling Sarah anyway never want to know his attitude in a relationship. But less did Johnny know deep in her heart she wanted him to be her boyfriend.
Still Johnny wanted a girlfriend, so eventually Sarah introduce Johnny to Clara, he never even said thank you to Sarah for the opportunity, to be meeting Clara. Sarah just couldn’t bare the thought of him talking to her, she got quite jealous, because she wanted to be his and his only, she knew it would never happened, not in the future it’s time for her to just move on and close the chapter and start a new chapter.
With this whole Johnny, Clara and Sarah situation, she just said ‘I can’t deal with this anymore”. After the meeting with Clara Sarah just never talks to him after that. One Saturday Eve, Sarah went to visit Nicole because they want to celebrate life in the city. They came with this thought, let’s go out tonight, but less they knew the one bar the went to Johnny would be there. Sarah and Nicole dressed up totally for “High Class Party”, Sarah dressed specially for Johnny maybe they could reconcile again, the headed to the bar, there Johnny was, being the outgoing guy she knew, the butterflies took over Sarah’s stomach, the awkwardness in the bar grew very strongly. Hopeful Sarah wanted to collect her heart. Sarah and Nicole agreed to leave the bar, just when they left the bar, some guys invite Sarah and Nicole back for a drink. Standing by the bar awkward, Sarah looked in the mirror there Johnny was standing with to other pretty girls, but the saddest part was Johnny told Sarah from the beginning the local girls isn’t interested in him. Just that moment when Sarah saw that scene, she started getting dizzy, nausea and that was her future breaking point. That was the hardest breakdown she had in her life. Sarah told Nicole, “Let’s just get out, I can’t take this”. 2 Days passed since that night, Sarah needed her best girlfriends Nicole, and just at that moment sitting outside, Nicole told Sarah “Delete Johnny’s number off your mobile”, so Sarah did and she felt a relieve…
Until this day Sarah is still wondering if Johnny likes Clara, and her heart burns, to turn back time, and maybe if she’s lucky to collect all her feelings back…

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